As vital as a good diet in keeping the vet away is plenty of exercise and a decent social life. Bit like us really.

What happens on the walk: 
Club members (aka dogs) are 'on the ground' for an hour but are usually away from home for a couple of hours while other pickups and dropoffs are done. Most dogs seem to love the drive almost as much as the walk.
When in the park, the individual needs of each dog are paramount. Dogs who love a ball always have one within an easy gallop or jump. Those who aren't permitted to play with balls do not. Like us, sometimes a dog needs a few extra cuddles. For some dogs, that's every day. Others just want to have a bit of a snaffle around. The point is, we recognise that each dog is different and we do our best to give the best experience to all. Groups range in size from 4 to 8. We walk rain, hail, or shine (dammit!). In extreme weather we will time the walks for the comfort level of all dogs.

'Difficult dogs': 
We're often asked if dogs ever fight. Do they all get on? This is where we get very fussy with our acceptance of a Critter Club member. When a potential client calls we go to meet both the owner and the dog to make sure we have a rapport with both and also to understand the nature and history of the dog. If everyone is happy after the meeting, we agree to walk the dog for a trial period. If the dog shows any signs of unmanageable aggression, we do not accept him or her into the group. We will never jeopardise the pleasure of all our other dogs in order to teach a new one to assimilate with the group.Dog Walking in Eastern Sydney We also don't accept undesexed dogs even though we've known some very lovely ones throughout our time. This is simply because they often attract trouble even if they're not aggressive themselves.

The beginning: 
The first month is a period of probation; one where we make sure your dog is happy and gets on well with all other dogs in the group. The first few walks are on a lead, then we graduate to a drag lead as we become more confident that your dog will stay with the group. Only when we are completely sure that there will be no individual walkabout, do we let a dog go completely leash free.

We walk in Centennial Park.

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