Peace of Mind: Feeding

Dog Feeding

The scene: You walk through the front door, heavy hearted but determined to go straight to the nasty business that must be done. You sit your critters down. The dogs sit obediently, eagerly awaiting your exciting pronouncement, the cat circles, letting you know this is not going to be an easy ride, and the fish stares, sit?

You begin, "we'll be going away for ...". At which point, the cat stalks out of the room, the dogs start to tremble, and the fish ... stares.

You continue, your confidence plummeting as you try to explain that they really will have a good time and a change of scenery is as good as blah blah blah. You check your audience, the dogs are fixated on the floor, the fish is staring, and the cat returns just to give you what could only be described as an unfriendly swipe.

Suddenly a voice, from the heavens, or at least from Polly in the cage above. Critter Club. Critter Club.

You rush to the web site and here you are. Weird isn't it?

And yes we can help if you live in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs or Inner West.

Please give us a call on 0403 447 704 to discuss pricing, meeting, and arrangements.

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